DOSBox -- Play Ultima IV through Windows. DOS emulator.

ultima4.exe (549kB) -- Ultima IV - The complete game for download. (40kB) -- Ultima IV editor by Psychotic Dragon. (40kB) -- This program will let you modify the Ultima 4 Map to your liking. While it's not very interactive, it does get the job done. In addition to the files contained in this archive, you will need a Bitmap editor that can edit GIF files in 256 colors. (122kB) -- EGA graphics for Ultima IV. (209kB) -- Aradindae Dragon's Ultima IV music patch V2.02. (632kB) -- Upgrades Ultima IV to 256 color graphics with MIDI support. Replaces the tileset, font, game, and cutscene graphics. Corrects several conversation bugs within the .TLK files.